How not to hold a camera

I’ve been very busy the last couple of days and have not yet got the first lesson in the how-to series together yet. That said here is the first mini lesson. Call this the how not to. 


A street car named “Desire”

Ever since I heard that Atlanta was getting a couple of street cars, I have wanted to photograph them. I just never got the opportunity. That is until last night while out at Centennial Olympic Park. I was there to do a little night shooting. Specifically of the Ferris Wheel. As fate would have it, there she was doing test runs. I didn’t get the time to photograph her the way I wanted to with the in-depth details I had envisioned. In fact I had to quickly snap a few as I crossed the road. No time to set up. No time to find the perfect composition. Just shoot and go. Quickly!

Sometimes you just have to shoot on the run. Literally 

I think it turned out okay.

Atlanta's newest addition.
Atlanta’s newest addition.