One more Black and White for the night.



A street car named “Desire”

Ever since I heard that Atlanta was getting a couple of street cars, I have wanted to photograph them. I just never got the opportunity. That is until last night while out at Centennial Olympic Park. I was there to do a little night shooting. Specifically of the Ferris Wheel. As fate would have it, there she was doing test runs. I didn’t get the time to photograph her the way I wanted to with the in-depth details I had envisioned. In fact I had to quickly snap a few as I crossed the road. No time to set up. No time to find the perfect composition. Just shoot and go. Quickly!

Sometimes you just have to shoot on the run. Literally 

I think it turned out okay.

Atlanta's newest addition.
Atlanta’s newest addition.

Portrait Lighting 101….Rembrandt lighting

Rembrandt lighting is probably the number one go to lighting you should have in your mental tool kit. This lighting gets its name from the master painter that used it in almost every portrait he ever painted. It’s most noticeable attribute is the triangular light on the cheek on the shadow side. This lighting can be done broad side or short side as seen in the two examples. Short side simply means that the shadow is closest to the camera.



Just a little teaser from the how-to series.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.