Christmas Photo Rut….Change it up.

Sometimes the best ideas come when you are pressed for time and just have to deliver, Take this one for example. My girlfriend writes a blog of her own and is doing a 25 days of Christmas theme. Last night she was searching for something to blog about and needed a photo in a hurry. (She can be a little demanding 🙂 Love you, Hun.) So this is what I came up with. It is different from the standard stockings hanging by the fire blah blah photo. (Although, that might have been my first though had we had a fireplace.) Point is, mix it up. Change angles. Change locations. Do something different.



Christmas Photo Rut….Break the rules!!!

Rules are meant to be broken. This is especially true of the rules of composition. Photography is not a mathematical step by step formula that has to be followed to get great results. That said you still need to know and understand them in order to effectively bend or break them. Here is one that I broke several rules to make a fun Christmas portrait.


This was made with a fish-eye lens. That was the first rule that I broke. The subject is centered in the frame. That is the second one I broke. See how many more that you can see and ask yourself why I chose to break the rules for this composition.

Photography and art are meant to be fun. Don’t get bogged down in the technical’s of it.

Feeling, sight and Conveying your vision.

When you make an image do you see the details, or do you just mindlessly snap away?


Making better images begins with paying attention to details.


Then you have to know what feeling you want to convey once you see the details.


The technical part of photography is the easy part. It’s the art part that is hard. Beginning in the new year I will get a little deeper into the technical parts. For now, I am just hoping to inspire you to get out and create a vision.