Why wasn’t I ready to get that shot?

A post on Facebook today got me to thinking. What is the biggest mistake a beginner can make in photography? Well, there are many of those but the one that is almost unforgivable happens not only to beginners but seasoned pro’s too. That mistake is not being ready for the fleeting once in a life time money shot.

Don’t worry I have committed this sin as well. That is why I want to pass on how I set my camera up before I head off into the woods. It is almost never after you have gotten to your location and set up the tripod and tweaked all the setting on the camera that you see the money shot. Well, unless you get up way before dawn and walk through the woods in pick black darkness and then sit still wet and cold in that one spot for hours. You know the way I used to do things before Parkinson’s.

So here goes.

  1. Auto ISO
  2. Auto White Balance
  3. RAW Image Capture
  4. Shutter Priority set to 1/2000th
  5. Auto focus is set for back button focus
  6. Auto Focus is set for Continuous 3D

But wait, Ken, what does all that mean?

It means I have set the camera up to snap shoot. In the upcoming series I’ll get more into camera settings, but for now that is the closest my camera ever comes to the dreaded AUTO mode otherwise known as idiot mode.

Know your gear before you head out and pre-plan the worst best case scenario.

Merry Christmas


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