Are you in a Christmas Photo rut?

It happens every year. The Christmas season is coming and you vow that this is the year that you are going to get those amazing, everyone stops and stares at your photographs, photos. Then, it happens. It’s February and you are looking at your photos while being stuck inside hiding from old man winter, and your pictures are just run of the mill that no one paid any attention to. What happened? You found yourself in a Christmas photo rut! Don’t worry, There is still time. Learn how to see like a photographer. Pay attention to the small details that make the season. Remember, even the tallest of buildings is built one brick at a time. Look at the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Notice how the light plays off of them. Now, think about how you can convey that feeling with an image. Play with it and have some fun.

For those of you that are still photographically challenged, I will be doing some how-to blogs in the near future.

KBeattyPhoto-4 KBeattyPhoto-5 KBeattyPhoto-6


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